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Available for athletes 6+. In the event that an athlete does not officially qualify to compete in the UNAA Regional Qualifier, they will still be allowed to compete but will not be eligible for the UNAA Finals.


You must register for the UNAA before being eligible to compete for any UNAA sanctioned event. Registration can be completed at:


Below you will see a schedule of events for Saturday, June 8th (Last Chance Area Qualifier) and Sunday, June 9th (Regional Qualifier). Please note, all non-competitors will need to purchase a spectator ticket. If you have not yet purchased your spectator tickets, they are available through the same website that competitor's tickets were purchased and will be available at the door. To speed up the check in process, we do ask that you try to purchase them online beforehand.


Saturday, June 8th

Check in for 9 & Under - 1:00 pm

Course Walk Through - 1:30 pm

Competition Start - 1:45 pm

Check in for 11 & Under and 13 & Under - 2:45 pm

Course Walk Through - 3:00 pm

Competition Start - 3:15 pm

Check in for 15 & Under and all Adults - 4:00 pm

Course Walk Through - 4:30 pm

Competition Start 5:00


Sunday, June 9th

Check in for 9 & Under - 9:00 am

Course Walk Through - 9:30 am

Competition Start - 9:45 am

Check in for 11 & Under - 11:45 am

Course Walk Through - 12:00 pm

Competition Start - 12:15 pm

Check in for 13 & Under - 1:45 pm

Course Walk Through 2:00 pm

Competition Start - 2:15 pm

Check in for 15 & Under and all Adults - 3:15 pm

Course Walk Through - 3:45 pm

Competition Start - 4:00 pm


Join us for our Last Chance Area Qualifier June 8th and/or our Regional Qualifier June 9th!

Register Here

We will be sending out a run order on Saturday morning for both competitions. Please note that the run order is done randomly and is not based on registration order.


*This competition will take place at our Plymouth, MI location.


No refunds will be given after June 1, 2018 and price will increase on June 3, 2019.