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Join us January 12th & 13th for our first Athlete Warrior Games Competition!


Online Registration is now available.  


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Athlete Warrior Games (AWG) is a competitive Ninja Warrior league founded in the Midwest with the hope of promoting and growing the sport to have it eventually hosted in the Olympic Games. We created AWG to give ninja warrior, parkour, climbing, gymnastics, and CrossFit gyms the ability to host more competitions and further promote the sport to a broader audience.


Only gyms registered and affiliated will AWG can host competitions. Competitions will be conducted either weekly or bi-monthly depending on availability at affiliated gyms. A point scoring system developed by Australian Ninja Games and implemented by the founders of AWG will be used to determine the standings of each competition.


A Ninja’s age will be determined at the beginning of the season (August 26, 2018); whatever age you are when the season begins that is the age group you must compete in all season long.


Exclusively, boys and girls ages 14 - 16 may choose to compete in the next age group up (Adult Division male age group 1 or female age group 1). This must be determined prior to the beginning of the season and they must remain in that age group for the entire season. This allows them to compete as an adult.


There will be no amateur or pro divisions. Each athlete will only directly compete against other athletes within their own group.




All non-competitors will need spectator tickets.


*Competitor tickets will increase to $75 at the door.





Schedule of Events:


Saturday, January 12th -

Adults & 14-16 year olds

Check In at 2:00 pm

Rules & Regulations at 2:15 pm

Competition Begins at 2:30 pm


Sunday, January 13th - 6-13 year olds

Check in for 11-13 year olds: 9:45 am

Rules & Regulations: 10:00 am

Competition Begins: 10:15 am


Check in for 6-10 year olds: 11:45 am

Rules & Regulations: 12:00 pm

Competition Begins: 12:15 pm


This event will be held at our Plymouth, MI location:


45677 Helm Street

Plymouth, MI 48170