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Top 10 Reasons for Sport Performance Training

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1. Exercise helps  

   maintain proper body


2. Exercising with a    

   group helps develop

   social skills.

3. Exercising regularly

    helps build strong  

    healthy muscles,  

    joints and bones.

4. Children who exercise

    have fewer

    symptoms of anxiety

    and depression.

5. Exercise helps

    improve coordination

    and enhances motor


6. Children who exercise

    at a young age are

    more likely to stay

    active as an adult.

7.  Exercise helps

    improve sleep.

8.  Exercise helps

     prevent heart

     disease, obesity,

     hypertension and


9.  Exercise helps with    

    self esteem

10. Exercise helps lower

     blood pressure.

Contact us today for your athlete's FREE consultation!  Every session will involve direct oversight by the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. Coaches Aubrey & Carey have a great history of inspiring athletes to want to be better.  Every athlete can be better and The Edge is the place to get there.  Take it to The Edge! We will take it from there!

Why a Certified Specialist?

The strength and conditioning profession involves the combined competencies of sport and exercise science, administration, management, teaching, and coaching. Its practitioners must also comply with various laws and regulations while responding to instances of potential injuries, claims, and lawsuits. This creates remarkable challenges and requires substantial experience, expertise, and other resources, especially in multi-sport (e.g., collegiate, scholastic and club) settings.


Recent events involving athlete injury and hospitalization shed light on the need for certified strength and conditioning professionals to be employed across schools of all levels. Holding an accredited certification, such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s (NSCA) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®), certifies that strength and conditioning coaches have the necessary education, knowledge, and skills to improve performance and reduce the likelihood of injuries.


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