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Carey Sherbrooke

Owner/Program Manager

Coach Carey began as a gymnastics coach in 2007 with American Allstars where she received her professional coaches certificate covering matting and spotting techniques. In 2009, she opened The EDGE Training Center where she promoted general fitness and children’s speed and agility classes. In 2013, The EDGE moved to its current space and in 2014 she jumped head first into Ninja Warrior training. She is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and has held certifications in children’s group fitness. Through her leadership and dedication to this facility, the EDGE has nearly tripled in size. Her enthusiasm for coaching and commitment to this program is what makes the EDGE a desirable place to train!


Aubrey Vincent

General Manager/Coach

Coach Aubrey is a former multi-sport athlete from the Chicagoland area, specializing in soccer and volleyball. She has a bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and Performance. She has coached athletes of all ages in both individual and team sports and has worked for Velocity Sports Performance and East Tennessee State University as a strength and conditioning coach and sports scientist before coming to the EDGE. She is very excited to be coaching the athletes of the future in addition to assisting in continuously adding to the EDGE curriculum!


















Sam Sherbrooke

Adult Ninja Program Coordinator/Coach

Coach Sam is a student at Oakland University pursuing a degree in Exercise Science. When he is not at school he is most likely to be found either coaching or training at The EDGE. He brings over a decade’s worth of experience into his coaching style and specializes in high flying swings. Coach Sam is currently training for American Ninja Warrior as he awaits his call to participate in season 11.


Jay Haas

Social Media & Website Coordinator/Coach

Coach Jay began his fitness career serving as a Reconnaisance Marine in Hawaii more than 20 years ago. Since then he has taught a variety of martial arts, Pilates, Yoga, and aerobics classes. He competed on American Ninja Warrior 8 Indianapolis and has been ramping up his training for next season.

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Youth Athletic Coaches

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