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By theedgetra49452545, Jun 3 2018 01:43PM

Hard work, concentration during class, excellent focus during a competition and a little bit of good luck can land an athlete on a podium during a ninja competition. The feeling of standing up in front of a crowd and receiving acknowledgement of their skill and strength is empowering and exhilarating. Who would not want that for their child?

That same competition could end very differently for an athlete. A young competitor can watch his best friend, who worked a little harder, took his training seriously in class, showed good decision-making and poise during the competition… and yes, had better luck, receiving a medal with pride instead of receiving one himself.. Seeing someone else bask in their victory can be a disappointing and discouraging experience for a young athlete, but the opportunity for growth and learning the skills to handle life’s bumps and challenges makes the latter athlete more fortunate in many ways.

With the help of coaches and trainers, youth athletics can be a valuable tool for parents to teach their children that they are capable, strong young individuals who can persevere and rise above temporary setbacks.

Every parent wants the best for their children. We all do our best to protect them from physical and emotional harm from the moment we meet them and feel every disappointment they weather, right along with them. But try as we may to keep them shielded from anything that could cause them discomfort, it is in the moments of challenge, that our children are strengthened and become more prepared for the rigors of life ahead of them. The very shield that we use to protect them by insulating them from potential disappointment can deny them the chance to learn the value of hard work, commitment and humility. While not every athlete can ‘win’ a competition, every athlete can ‘win’ by participating in youth athletics. Each time they try to do their best in an attempt to be THE best, they grow in strength of character whether they are standing on a podium or not.

As hard as it is, let them fail and help them grow stronger in ways that will prepare them for the challenges they will face in the future. OR celebrate their triumphs and help them win with grace while showing compassion for those athletes feeling disappointment in their moment of glory. Either way youth athletics can be a win win for families. If your child would like to be a part of our competitive team, contact us for details. You and your child have much to gain from participating in this growing sport!

Read more about giving your child the chance to succeed while experiencing the outward signs of failure:

By theedgetra49452545, May 15 2018 09:36PM

Children 4-8 yrs

Children between the ages of 4 and 8 are in a crucial time in their lives to develop the building blocks of athletic agility. If they are exposed to the fundamentals of athletic movement, including mobility, stability, motor control and athletic skill during these early years they will lay the groundwork for proficiency in sports of all types. The more diverse the movement introduced in this time frame, the bigger the long-term benefit. At the very minimum, you should be introducing your children to a variety of sports, but the beauty of Ninja Warrior Athletics is that they can realize the benefit of the multi sports introduction with 1 class, making your life as a parent with a busy schedule easier to manage.

Children 8 and over

By age 11 for girls and 12 for boys, your child will create thousands of neurological connections. Over the next few years, those connections will be pruned. The connections that are reinforced will be strengthened and those that aren’t will die out. If you have presented multiple types of moments to your budding athlete, they have a greater chance of proficient athleticism and embracing a healthy lifestyle. The diversification of movement that they will experience in Ninja Warrior Athletics will far exceed that of traditional sports and give you as a parent the ability to expand your child’s physical development.

Your life made easier!

Ninja Warrior Athletics is the epitome of diversification of movement. Ninja athletes are trained to be prepared for whatever challenge waits. Whether it is swinging side to side, swinging forward, kipping with one leg or both legs in any direction, or controlling the entire body while balancing on static or moving objects, these adaptive athletes need to be proficient at body control and the knowledge of how to create power and control its direction. Bottom line, with one activity, you can give your young athlete the tools of diversification of athletic movement he/she needs to be better prepared for the challenges of ANY competitive sport.

By guest, May 15 2016 09:59PM

The EDGE Training Center has joined forces with the United Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA)! The UNAA is a corporation that promotes and organizes a nationwide series at Ninja Obstacle course Gyms across the country. Their mindset and ours is to be inclusive for Ninjas at all fitness levels. This would be a great opportunity to test the waters of Ninja competition for athletes ages 7 and up. Join us on June 9th for a last chance Area Qualifier and/or June 10th for a Regional Qualifier. Athletes are welcome to participate both days regardless of qualification status. Please note, an athlete must be registered with the UNAA before they can be eligible to qualify. If you have not already, please register here:

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